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Established in 1975 by the NSW Government, SCATS has over 40 years proven experience with real world results



SCATS Core Software

SCATS adaptive traffic management system synchronises traffic signals to optimise traffic flow across a whole city, region or corridor.

More than just a way of linking traffic signals for road management coordination, SCATS is a sophisticated traffic engineering system that allows for the implementation of complex, objective-oriented, traffic management strategies.




SCATS 6.9.4 (Latest Version)

Features and Benefits

ITSLink – A secure ITS Interface

A new ITS interface has been added allowing secure connections to SCATS from other systems and ensuring the system complies with modern cybersecurity standards. This initial release brings a set number of messages with additional functionality being added in subsequent product releases. The interface is designed to enable the launch of new innovative products scheduled to follow this release.

Variation routines

This release introduces new variation routines and implements enhancements on a number of existing variation routines. Configuration options have been substantially increased, allowing for higher performance optimisation that meets the needs of individual customers.

Support for VC6.2

Release 6.9.4 introduces support for the latest version of SCATS controllers running TRAFF VC6.2.

Configurable Dwell Restrictions

The SCATS administrator can now configure certain access levels to apply Dwells and the maximum Dwell duration applicable to those access levels.

SCATS Access

The User Interface now supports Windows 10, addresses a number of reported issues and contains additional enhancements that will further improve the user experience. This release introduces a session authentication to Access thereby improving the security of the system.

Bug Fixes

The issue preventing the operation of the detector estimation functionality introduced in release 6.9.3 has been fixed and now operates as specified. Additionally, this release has addressed issues reported by customers since the previous release.



The WinTRAFF suite of products allow for the emulation of a SCATS Traffic Signal Controller (TSC) for the purposes of SCATS configuration & TSC personality testing as well as traffic modelling and simulation. The products within the WINTRAFF suite include:


ITS Developers Kit

ITS Developers Kit allows third parties to develop software to connect to SCATS Software


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