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SCATS Priority Engine is an innovative software solution from SCATS designed to provide smooth and efficient journeys for public transport, emergency vehicles and freight vehicles



SCATS Priority Engine

SCATS Priority Engine (SPE) is advanced traffic management software that provides cities, towns and regions with the ability to prioritise the movement of essential vehicles through traffic.

SPE can be configured to meet the requirements of any road network and is a valuable tool for facilitating reliable on-time public transport, faster travel times for emergency vehicles and efficient freight delivery.

By offering advanced control over intersections to prioritise the movement of these vehicles, SPE reduces the number of stops and overall travel time for essential services.


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SPE is highly configurable software that provides the flexibility to prioritise vehicle movement through a network including emergency vehicles, public transport and freight.

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Features and benefits of SPE

  • Easy integration with SCATS Core technology
  • An intuitive user interface for efficient setup and management
  • Highly configurable software that can be tailored to individual city needs
  • The ability to predefine which vehicles get priority when multiple requests are received
  • An interactive map and tables for real-time visibility of priority requests
  • Access to data for detailed analytics

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