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SCATS is an intelligent, adaptive traffic control system installed in over 55,000 intersections across 187 cities and 28 countries worldwide



SCATS and Intelligent Transport Systems

SCATS is a traffic control system designed to optimise traffic flow. Intelligent algorithms process real-time data to adapt traffic signal timings that respond to unexpected conditions, predict traffic patterns and keep traffic moving. The result is a reduction in congestion, shorter journey times and increased safety and productivity.

With global interest in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Smart Cities on the rise, SCATS technology offers innovative solutions designed to meet the demands of future traffic management. Demonstrated expertise and years of data-driven insights combined with a flexible, scalable system model means SCATS is perfectly positioned to integrate into any transport network worldwide.


Move Smarter

Established in 1975 by the NSW Government, SCATS has over 40 years proven experience with real world results

SCATS improves the safety of over 1 billion people every day

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Save Time

With more green lights and less stops

Save Money

Through increased productivity and reduced traffic management costs

Save Lives

With technology that makes our roads safer

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Trusted by

Australia Bangladesh Brazil Brunei Chile Ecuador Fiji China Indonesia Iran Ireland Jordan LAOS Malaysia Mexico Myanmar New Zealand Pakistan Philippines Poland Qatar Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Thailand UAE USA Vietnam

Owned and operated by NSW Government.
SCATS has a long history of delivering reliable products and applications all around the world.



SCATS makes real-time decisions to changing traffic conditions


For EmergenciesUse SCATS to adjust traffic signals to give emergency services a green light


For Priority ServicesUse SCATS to prioritise on time running of road public services


For Peak HourOptimise traffic signal patterns to accommodate higher volumes of road users and reduce congestion


For Incident ManagementUse SCATS to factor in delays caused by incidents on the road network and update signals accordingly


For Special EventsUse SCATS to adapt to changes in traffic flow around large sporting events and festivals


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Find out how SCATS helps cities move smarter


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